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Your Therapist - Diane

Your Therapist – Diane

I had my first colonic back in 1995, after suffering many years  with constipation and bloating and have never looked back, or felt better! Over  the years and many colonics later I had learnt so much about how the colon  should work and felt it was about time to share my knowledge and experience.

My career started in the Beauty Industry. I qualified as a Beauty  Therapist in 1988 with Steiner, but always thought and knew there was something  missing and needed more of a connection with my clients.

In 2004 I took the brave step of giving up full time work and  retrained as a Colon Therapist. By this time I had a huge pile of books on the  subject, travelled to Thailand a few times to do the whole detox and fasting  spa experience and bored my family and friends silly with my poo stories.

So it really did feel like a natural progression.

I now have my own clinic and the satisfaction I get from helping  my clients improve their own health is so rewarding and makes it all  worthwhile.

As well as having regular colonics I seem to be continually studying/ learning. Whether that is from the countless digestive books I have accumulated over the years, or courses, such as Iridology, herbs, advanced colonics and nutrition. I also learn an incredible amount from my clients – their stories, symptoms and response to the treatment.

No two clients are the same so no two treatments are the same. I  treat everyone as an individual with honesty and integrity.

I am not a doctor and I don’t claim to be able to diagnose, treat or cure any illnesses. However many conditions can improve significantly or disappear altogether after having Colonic Hydrotherapy. I will work with each individual to reach achievable goals.